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Stationery Home or Business

Need a new logo for your business, a new look for your existing business cards or letterheads, or just something special for your photo album cover or scrapbook?

Or if you're tired of seeing those old silver/gold CDs written on with texta, maybe your DVDs need a proper label and case to get them out of those damaging CD wallets. Joker Designs can help!
Logo and Brand Designs

If you don't have a logo or stationery style associated with your business, you could be missing those clients that respond to a professional-looking image. With a complete set of uniformly-designed stationery, even the smallest of companies can look just as good as their big-business competitors!

If you have a clear vision for your logo, or want to upgrade a current design, you can have a satisfying new logo created quickly. And even if you're not sure what you need, you're provided plenty of creative choice with numerous original concepts and revisions.

Logo design will include the following:

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CD/DVD Case designs

CD Cases commonly known as jewel cases have been used since the compact disc was first released in 1982. They are a three-piece plastic case designed to contain the disc, a cover/booklet and a back card. The cases come in a variety of configurations, ranging from a black cd-backing to completely transparent.

DVD Cases usually come in the Amray/Disney design, used by most major studios and all video stores. The standard case comes in black or clear polypropylene with a sleeve surround, and 2 clips inside for additional literature. Some cases can hold more than one disc, with as many as six discs inside one standard-sized case.

Included in the CD/DVD Case Design service*:

* Design work for company/band logo or artwork will be charged separately, see 'Logos and Brands Designs' above for more information.

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Logos and Artwork (portfolio)

If you'd like to have a look through the design portfolio of logos and artwork produced by Joker Designs, please browse the Logos and Artwork portfolio and see what can be achieved.

The page showcases just some of the stationery options available to you. If you can imagine it, you can be supplied with it! [^] Top of Page

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