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The following pages contain a few examples of previous productions, showcasing both recent and older works.

The portfolio is listed below and sorted into the categories of Website Design, Photos/Stationery, and Video/Animation.
Website Design portfolio

Over ten years of Internet usage, involving both navigating and constructing websites, has given me knowledge of website usability and practicality.

This page showcases some of the websites and projects I've created over the years. All my current and previous client websites are displayed, as well as demonstration sites and other personal projects. [^] Top of Page

Logos and Artwork portfolio

With over 15 years in the graphic design and pre-press industry, I have much experience producing everything from stationery (business cards, letterheads) to cards, posters, CD/DVD cases and invitations.

This experience can assist in choosing a logo that works for you -- be it a two or three spot-colour logo, right through to a full-colour artwork. [^] Top of Page

Photos and Images portfolio

From my beginnings using the Commodore 64 in the mid 1980s, my ability to use many different graphic-editing programs has extended into digital photo and image manipulation.

And with my graphic design and pre-press experience, I can apply those photo-editing skills to produce a range of unique products, compositions and montages. [^] Top of Page

Videos and Animation portfolio

Experimenting with animation began during my early years using a Commodore Amiga, and today my interests have expanded into the creation of multimedia and digital video productions.

Almost anything is possible using digital imaging on today's computers, from simple home-video to DVD conversion right through to restoration and digitising of older media such as negatives and slides. [^] Top of Page

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