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Videos and Animation

Here are some examples of videos and animations, produced over the course of my career.

They've been arranged into categories, and include information such as software (and computer system) used in each production.
Video Productions (2002-current)

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Jesse & Shelley
IBM PC / WinXP, 2007

This photo slideshow was a gift to my beautiful wife for Valentine's Day, and features photos chosen to fit with the lyrics of the music (The Beatles, In My Life).

A chronology of photos shows some of our our history together; the locations that we had met (and lived) in, along with old friends from around the time that we became a couple.

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Animations from the Commodore Amiga era (1990-1995)

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Unlucky Herman
Commodore Amiga, 1992

This series of shorts was created using Deluxe Paint IV on an Amiga 500. Although the field of animation was not new for me, this was the first animation to feature sound effects.

Unfortunately, the program that allowed the sound effects was limited to black-and-white line drawings.

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A Day in the Life of Unlucky Herman
Commodore Amiga, 1993

I decided the Unlucky Herman character could be expanded, so I gave him some colour animation (again using A500 and Deluxe Paint IV) with overlayed MOD music.

Due to the system memory constraints of the A500, I used a less-than-full-screen sized animation to conserve memory. Story-cards are used throughout while each animated part was loaded into memory.

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Escape from Axxar
Commodore Amiga, 1992

Still limited by the Amiga's lack of memory, but wanting full-screen movies, I managed a trade-off by decreasing the number of on-screen colours to just three or four different shades.

Again, different story-cards (multi-coloured this time) are used while each animated section is loaded before playing. And like the Unlucky Herman animation, music plays in the background.

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Alien TV
Commodore Amiga, 1995

This animation was actually created using AMOS, a programming language, which allowed me to show (amongst other effects) alternating random images appearing in time with the beat of the music.

Most of the random graphics that appear during playback were produced myself, using Deluxe Paint IV.

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