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Welcome to Joker's Emulation+, the number one spot for all Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and Arcade Machine emulation and information. (May even extend to Playstation and Nintendo emulators in the future... stay posted!)

Take some time to peruse each system - read the information, view the pictures, check out the histories - and see if they induce any memories of the golden age of computing. They do for me! Enjoy your little journey back through silicon time.

BE AWARE: No ROMs or Images (game files) are stored on this site, as copying or downloading them is basically the same as copying any modern software (ie. illegal) unless you yourself own the original software. Of course, the Links pages will point you in the right direction, but legally I take no responsibility for anything whatsoever!

Commodore 64 Classic Recommended Games
C64 Musicians Information

Software Houses of the C64
Commodore 64 Links

Commodore Amiga A Short History of the Amiga
Amiga Chronology of Machines
Classic Amiga Games Pictures

Commodore Amiga Links

Mame32 Arcade Emulator A Short History of Arcade Games
List of Emulated Games Available
Arcade Game Links

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