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Lock and load -- prepare for Joker's website Alien Host, a site dedicated to a relentless alien warrior, H.R.Giger's Alien.

It contains everything from the physical bio of the creature (including biological make-up, life stages, homeworld speculation), to all media that the Aliens have been found in (comics, movies, games etc.)

The data should be of interest to not just Alien fans, but those who know nothing about the creature - the information here shows that the Alien is not just a movie character, but a well-documented xenomorph species.

Note: Don't think that I side completely with the Bugs. I respect them for their survival tactics and predatory skills, but I'm not about to try communicating with one... even though our two species are so similar - right down to the way we consume planets of all resources before putting our sights on the next.

In space, even if someone could hear you scream, they'd be getting the hell away instead of coming to help.


What's New?

The site has undergone some routine maintenance, so you can expect to see some updates and improvements! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment.

There's been new stuff added to most pages, including the Download section. Check it out!

And see the Feedback section for most recent comments.

Latest News

As you can see from the address bar, there's been an evolution. An all-new Joker domain and webspace (finally) will at last allow me to give the site the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, my other alien-related site Predator: The Hunted will always receive more attention -- but that's not to say that Alien Host won't finally receive a facelift in the future!

Thanks for your patronage during the previous long periods of inactivity, and I hope to reward you for your patience soon.

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Recent News

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site recently, but my Predator site, Predator: The Hunted is taking up most of my time lately.

In the meantime, here's some correspondence from Olur regarding some Alien physiology:

Hello thanks for a great site! It is always nice to have all info, trivia and links all in one place :)
I just noticed that in the description of the aliens in "Aliens" it says they "only had 3 fingers as opposed to the 6 fingered creature in ALIEN"
Looking closely on the alien in "Alien" it does indeed have six fingers, the first five arranged just like a human hand doing the "vulcan greeting" (index finger and birdie held together and ring finger and pinky held together) and the sixth one is an extra pinky.
The aliens of "Aliens" actually have five fingers, they lack the extra pinky, but the fingers are still arranged in the "vulcan greeting" so that there seems to be only three fingers in some scenes - in the ventilation shafts, for example, the impression of there being only three fingers is very strong. What appears to be three fingers are thus really the thumb and two pairs of fingers...
Hope that is helpful to you and the site :)
Best regards

Thanks a lot for your message, Olur - looks like I'll be needing to update the Alien section now! ;) If anyone has more information, let me know.

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Facehugging some Fonts

After a request from never12die, I added two fonts to the Downloads area. One is the font used in the Alien movie title, and the other is the closest match to the fonts used in the Hieroglyphs on the Space Jockey ship. You can check them out here, and please contact me if you find any other fonts!

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Site Initiated

Okay, so the new layout seems very similar in appearance to The Hunted. Is that a problem? I don't think so (but I'm biased). I'm not one to mess with a winning formula tho...

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