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My name is Jesse Aherne, and my talents in graphic and design are bought together under my business name Joker Designs. And all jokes aside, this site is a representation of some of my work and skills.

Within these pages you can find out more about myself, view some of my design work and personal projects, and look at both client and demonstration websites (my specialty). All my skills are available for hire with individual fees listed throughout the site.
With almost 20 years experience using various computers and software, I have a variety of computer and design skills. And the focus of these designs is to be simple, and effective.

I aim to both meet the design needs of the customer, and give the finished product appeal to everyone. And with websites in particular, I aim for ease-of-use while maintaining that level of appeal.

When it comes to the technical side of the Web, many newcomers may not have the time or desire to learn a whole new field. And many modern websites seem to lack that basic ease-of-use; whether you're building them, or even just trying to navigate them.

These newcomers have realised the power of the Internet and the benefits of having a presence on it, and I help cut through all the technical jargon and bring their vision to life on the web.

For many of my clients, I have also created logos and stationery designs for use in areas other than the website (for example, letterheads and business cards).

I can create a complete theme for your business, using as little as the name of your company and your favorite colors. Or, I can build off of your pre-established company artwork and/or website design.

When you hire me, you are getting an individual -- not a staff of designers that simply drop what you give them into a pre-designed content management system. By taking advantage of my services, you'll find that my highest priority is your satisfaction.

If you are looking for something unique I can provide it, and I can take on special projects that don't fit any standards. For any type of graphic or web design, for personal or business needs, you can get in touch with me right now.

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