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How to Grow Marijuana

Contributed by Dan and Cait

I'll start by saying that all kinds of pot are different and THERE IS NO COMMON STRAIN OF CANNABIS, but there are common rules to growing (watering, lighting, fertilization etc). I will take personal complaint emails, as I have had great success with my plant under 400w Met Hal (600w Met Hal is more respectable) and Fluro tubes from a fish tank.  Having said that, I shall begin!


For building a hatchery, you will need:

  • a box about 60cm high x 30 x 30 of NON FLAMMABLE material

  • a 60w reflective light globe

  • a fitting, wire and male plug for 240v (DON'T TRY THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, but it is very easy and most fittings come with instructions).

  1. Make up a leadlight and attach it to the top if your NON FLAMMABLE box, shining inward, with reflective bulb. You can also attach a computer fan or two with some tubing or cardboard (whatever will direct the airflow) and can be sealed. The fan must not draw cold air on to the plants (you will stunt their growth) so re-circulate it from the top of the box interior. This will make them plants grow stronger stems as it imitates wind.

  2. Place seeds in separate places on a damp or wet non-bleached (see end note 1) tissue, on a margarine lid or chinese take-away container, and keep wet for three days with a 24-hour light. Make sure the light is not too close by placing your hand under the light (if it is not uncomfortably hot, it is perfect). Let the tissue become touch-dry before re-watering, as this will stimulate the roots to grow in search of water and nurturance.

  3. When the babies are about two weeks old, transplant to a tub from picture and feed them a very weak solution of GrowRite until:


Once they are about 10 cm tall and have a few side shoots on them, you can cut the tip off the plant. This will cause it to grow two crowns.

The more times you do this, the slower the plants will take to mature, but you will have more heads.


  1. Once your plant is about 30cm or bigger, depending on how high and wide you want your plant (see end note 2), switch your light cycle to 11hrs of light and 13hrs of darkness. This will make the plant think that Autumn is upon it because, just like nature, we have shorter days as we get closer to Winter.

  2. It is a good idea to put a heater on, with either a thermostat or timer to keep the room warm when the light is off - especially if your growing outside in a shed. If you are growing in a shed: make a room inside, and line the inside of the shed and the outside of the room. This will stop any infrared tracking from picking up heat signals.

  3. With in a couple of days (or weeks, depending on the plant) it should start to develop either male or female buds. The important thing here of course, is the female buds. If you don't know what sex a bud is, don't worry... you can tell the difference because one has Balls (m) and one has Hairs (f). So hey, not hard to tell!

  4. Keep feeding them either Bud Right or similar and don't pick at them - let them have pure darkness for 13 hours a day. In about 8 weeks you should have big fluffy stinky buds all of your very own!! But now comes the hardest part of all:


  1. Slowly dry your buds in a open area (like hanging from the rafters of a shed roof with fishing line) and leave them alone for a couple of weeks for chlorophyll to turn into starches and sugars. Taste it after 2 weeks, then every day have a small taste until it tastes kind of ripe (that nice flavor) but we're not done yet, so don't worry if they "just don't taste right" - they won't until you...

  2. Get a coffee tin or Tupperware container (make sure there is no dirt or smell in it) then half-fill each container with dried bud and put them in a cool dry place. Open them up every few hours and stir them up to let the carbon dioxide out, and do this for at least two weeks. Once again, taste every day after two weeks of stirring and being sealed. This process is "curing" after which your bud will have a shelf life of a good 18 months. Just remember to keep in an airtight container, totally kept away from heat and light, and stir all you containers at least every 2 to 3 weeks.


This is by far the easiest way to grow pot - just compost all of your vegetable scraps for a couple of months and mix it through potting mix (if growing in a pot) or pre-prepared garden bed. Water the same way, USE NO CHEMICALS ( you will never flush them properly) allow plant to go through its natural stage, dry and cure the same as above, and...



End notes

  1. You must be very careful of what chemicals you put near/expose your plants to. If you live near a chemical plant you would be very wise to grow them in pot, cause all it takes is 1 litre of some chemical to travel 500 metres into your garden bed. So only use fertilisers that you know have been made properly. A bottle of 'add bud' or 'bud rite' could have anything in it, and you could do better with organic compost if you don't have the time to check it. Chemicals are only effective and healthy when under a constant guard... as soon as you see your plants hairs go the slightest bit brown, start to empty the chemical reservoir, clean and re-fill with clean water for two weeks, changing it at least four times in that period. As THC is the organic chemical to the plant, it will stay in the plant... all the rest will be rejected by force feeding that fresh water for two weeks.

  1. A 30cm plant will no bigger than 30cm and no less than 22.5cm across, a 180cm plant will be no less than 160cm and no more than 6ft... so you need the room. If you only have a cupboard, then grow them to 30 to 45 cm - don't try and cram anything, plenty of breathing room around them is better than none.


Thanks to Dan and Cait, writers of this article... Joker accepts no responsibility for damage, loss of memory, incrimination etc. which could arise from misuse of the purely interest-only information contained herein.

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